High Quality Film Transfer

Remember those old films that you filmed 20-30 years ago? Did you know that most of this films that contain precious memories were never properly stored and now need to be transferred to another medium. 8mm and 16mm film is still used in commercials, movies and film student projects.

Here at Overseas Video Lab, we provide the service of converting regular8, super8 and 16mm film to many video formats including DVD, MiniDV, Blu-Ray or computer formats such as AVI or Quicktime. Over the years, we have transferred tens of millions feet of 8mm and 16mm film from home movies, feature films and archive footage.

Our process is quite unique and our equipment high end. We do not use ordinary projectors and mirrors. We have special telecine equipment which transfers direct from the film to a digital video signal frame by frame. This yields very high quality and without the annoying flicker when using projecting on to a wall and video taping it with a camera. All transfers are monitored and the speed, brightness, color and hue are auto adjusted by our specialized computer software.

Generally, regular 8mm and Super 8 film came in sizes of 50 ft, 200 ft and 400 ft. 16mm came in various sizes ranging from 50 ft to 2000 ft.

In addition, we can transfer the magnetic sound track for super8 film and both magnetic & optical tracks for 16mm. Light background music is provided for orders that do not have a sound track. We do offer a volume discount for large orders.

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