Other Services

At Overseas Video Lab, we provide many other services. Here is a list of some other services we provide:

- Photos & Slide Scanning using DIGITAL ICE4 Advanced Technology:

We can scan your slides and photos to Video, DVD or graphic files (up to 4000 dpi) using the latest Digital ICE4 scanning technology. The newest, most complete package of automatic image correction technologies available in film scanners. We can scan in JPEG, TIFF or Video slideshow formats.

Click here to see how your slides can be enhanced dramatically.
- Powerpoint to Video/DVD:

Save your Powerpoint presentations to Video or DVD for quick access without a computer.
- Audio related services:

We can transfer your vintage audio formats to Audio CD and other digital media such as MP3 and other formats for portable players and Internet use. Source formats include:

Audio Cassette Tape, DAT Tape, Vinyl LP, Reel to Reel Audio and 8 Track.

If there is something you do not see, please call or e-mail us and we will assist you.